Robotic Rehabilitation Center

Robots  under AI Doctor  is produced with different shapes such as upper limb, wrist, ankle, hand, waist and lower limb or Exoskeleton, balance step system. These robots with complementary functions make rehabilitation no longer need a lot of boring manual training, They can greatly improve the efficiency of rehabilitation. In the past, we can just realized  the  traditional one-to-one artificial rehabilitation,Now, one to many rehabilitation training can be realized through robots, so as to liberate therapists.     

 Intelligent power assisted adjustment to meet the needs of early rehabilitationand then to the full coverage during rehabilitation,it is easy to use, record with full training process data for each user.

What is Force feedback

Force feedback is one of our unique technologies for  rehabilitation robots. Fixed with our special motion controlled card, high-precision multi-dimensional force sensor and position sensor, each rehab robot can monitor the patient's training in real-time and provide real-time feedback,thus,Man-machine Interaction can be done passive&actively!


Through this force feedback algorithm and high-performance motor, it can simulate the" strength "of the therapist's hand ". When the user's strength is insufficient, the robot's help increases, helps the user complete the action, and guides the user to establish the correct motion mode in the early stage. As the user gradually recovers the muscle strength, the robot will reduce the power and even give resistance. In this way, it can realize diversified task-oriented training, accurately and objectively quantify each action, and meet the rehabilitation needs in the middle and later stages.


Immersive Interactive Experience

An extensive library of interactive games and customisable trainings can guide the user to complete postural control through audio and visual inputs, which can retain the user’s interest and achieve rehabilitation purpose at the same time.

Measurable Training

All robots are integrated with force and position sensors to measure every movement precisely. The device can measure the user’s performance from multiple prospects, including the range of motion (ROM), strength, cognition, response time, etc. All of these analyses and training reports should be taken into




 Some oF Other Features:


Data Based Rehab Process

Real time recording of quantitative assessment &training report make the rehab program validated and measurable.


Gamification Therapy

The Gamification training boost motivate the intensive &repetition of training, then boost the interest & engagement through out the process!

 Easy To Use, Smart,Light& Handy Like Hand Rehabilitation Robot,(380g) Wrist Joint Rehabilitation Robotics!