Intelligent Rehab Aids

Relying on years of technology accumulation in research and producing , we have design and manufactured series robots for rehabilitation accessories. Hot-sell products like Walking Aids Robot, Electric Standing&Walking Aid MachineLift Robot,Assisted Standing Bed,Assisted Defecation Bed,Integrated Bed-Wheelchair,Intelligent Bed-Wheelchair,Voice/eyes controlled Patient Bed.

The key technologies adopted in the robots including robot configuration design,motion control, human-computer interaction design, SLAM laser navigation technology, robot elevator scheduling,robot coordinated operation and scheduling, multi-sensor information processing and fusion technology,man-machine coordinated and safety. Patents are awarded for invention & appearance!

 The products has enter into a lots of hospitals,rehab centers,family,nursing care centers to improve the life quality of patients, elderly and disable person! Nursing pressure are largely reduced for the day&night caring. All these smart medical aids will be more widely applied in the future.

Walking aid robot

The walking aid robot realizes autonomous walking for people with weak body or incomplete lower limb function,and helps solve problems such as short walking distance, poor balance ability and easy to fall. Walking Aid Robot provides automatically variable power and safety protection for walking according to the use environment ,so that users can walk farther and safer,improve the physical and mental health ,and improve the quality of life!


Electric Standing& Walking Aid Equipment


Electric Standing &Walking Aid Machine designed for users with weak lower limb muscle strength or poor balance ability to walk autonomously.It can lift the suspension arms draped with lift to support the user body bearing the harness, and set up for the armrest of user support, through the condole belt control,according to the need to reduce the user walks in the lower limbs bearing, choose powered or resistance, reduce the physical effort of escorts, improve the safely of the user to walk,to guide and train the normal gait.


Integrated Bed-wheelchair Robot

This Robot is designed as a high-tech product for people of action difficult and migration demand such e old people,lower limb paralysis, postoperative rehabilitation. It integrates nursing bed, electric wheelchair and move function together in one, which reduces the type of care equipment, relieves nursing pressure,improve user autonomous activities and reduces the secondary damage risk in the move process. It is suitable for the places of retirement organization, hospital and family etc.

Integrated Semi-auto Bed-Wheelchair

This patient bed is designed for disabled people,as well as electric nursing bed, it is intelligent wheelchair,simple operation can separate the bed body,realize from bed to chair and from chair to bed moved by process,not nurses lifting by caregivers, appeared in the process of reducing move by secondary injury was relieved from the nursing staff in the move by high physical labor intensity,improve the ability of independent activities of the user. It is applicable to institutions for the aged, hospitals, families and other places.

Asisted Standing Bed

This hospital bed is integrated with several modes for better caring of post-operation or patients without mobility.

Rotation ModeThe bed body rotates to one side of the bed, and then falls on the leg.The bed body tilts at a certain angel, so that the user get the help to get out of the bed, and assist the user to get out of the bed;

Back-up Mode :Users can get up independently and meeting basic living needs;

Leg Lifting Mode: Improve the users comfort level,promote legs movement, and ensure blood flow;

Lifting ModeThe height of the bed can be lifting, convenient for the user to get up and down the bed and reduce the waist pressure!

Assited Defecation Bed

This nursing bed is designed for post-operatives, or elderly incontinence and Paralyzed person!

The equipped special elevator toilet can help patients to relieve bed-wetting problems during the lying days in bed.

It can be controlled by electric back and left to adjust to a comfortable sitting position,can make the user feel better in the boring time!

Intelligent Stick Cane

----Multi-function With Fast Accurate GPS Positioning &SOS Alert  

This GPS walking stick cane helps the user be tracked unobtrusively by their family . And protect users forefront in mind for any risk of falling or emergency!

Just press the head button can ask for help from the connected person!

Very useful for elderly, or person with leg sick, or climbing!