Covid-19 Recovery

Why Covid-19 virus infection need Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation promote the Recovery of Covid-19 Virus infection and Healthcare prevent the virus infection!  AIDoctor provide Hygiene, Disinfection and Information to help everybody keep away from COVID-19&other virus!


Hygiene :

We have a manufacture committed to the production of surgical products, nonwoven disposable items. With more than 10 years of producing&develop research experience,we have sell to 50courites and obtains CEFDA510k,ISO9001,ISO13485,and TUV .

Disposable Non-woven Products


AI Doctor Disinfection Robot serves as a carrier to integrate three disinfection modes: ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and plasma air filtration to meet the high-level disinfection requirements, killing endospores at the rate as high as 99.9999%. It applies the autonomous navigation technology and is autonomously mobile. Intelligent operation interface, simple and easy to operate!

Exercising Therapy:

Robotic and sensor-based rehabilitation devices

Resisting & Timely exercising will keep healthy and rehabilitation.We have full range of robots and healthcare device to keep you mentally good and physically perfect.Virus will be keep out faraway!

Body Balance System


Ankle Rehabilitation Robot


Sports with Balance Beam

Expert Guides& Casae Report: 

Updated information from following page can keep you most sensitive against Covid-19 virus.check it now!

· Cleaning and Disinfecting: Best Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic | US EPA


· Survey on measures in PRM settings in ESPRM countries after the SARS-COV-2 outbreak - ESPRM

· General Guidelines from the World Confederation of Physiotherapists on   COVID-19

· (German) Robert Koch Institut Experts for infectious diseases

· (German) Recommendations for Physiotherapists

· (German) Verband physikalische Therapy/ Information for Physiotherapists

· (Italian)The Italian Physiotherapy Association: Recommendations for Physiotherapists

· (Italian)Italian Association of Respiratory Rehabilitation