Children's Rehabilitation & Healthcare

Aidoctor Children's Rehabilitation and Healthcare equipment greatly train children's physical coordination ability and help develop brain function

Children's Trampoline with Armrest
Trampoline, a whole-body exercise, is an important form of sensory integration rehabilitation for children. In addition to exercising the muscles of the legs, it can also strengthen all the muscle tissues of the body, especially the muscles of the back and abdomen.
Cerebral Palsy Sitting Posture Correcting Chair
The chair for correcting the sitting posture of the child comprises a chair body and a table plate, wherein the table plate is detachably arranged on the chair body, a column body for correcting leg movements is arranged on the seat plate of the chair body, an elastic fixing strip for correcting foot movements is arranged on a foot plate of the seat body. The utility model has simple structure,Is simple and safe to use, is suitable for correcting the sitting posture of children, and is particularly suitable for children in rehabilitation centers and children with cerebral palsy aged from 2 to 6 years for seat maintenance, seat balance, posture correction, and deformity prevention and treatment.

Children's Creeping Frame With Wheel
In the process of crawling, children need to exert their four feet at the same time, which is conducive to the development of children's physical coordination.Through constant crawling practice,Children's leg muscles and hand muscles have been well relaxed, which is conducive to children's health, especially children with cerebral palsy with brain injury, whose development is slower than normal children, parents should take it more seriously. Creeper frame can be effective. Train the upper limb support and crawling ability of children with cerebral palsy or developmental retardation, and promote physical coordination, balance and vestibular perception.
Anti Burst Pilates Ball Yoga Massage Ball
Babs ball (also known as Babs ball) is an effective equipment to promote the development of children and assist the rehabilitation training of central coordination disorder, brain injury syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, etc. It is used for balance sensation, reflex regulation, muscle spasm relief and other rehabilitation training of cerebral palsy patients. It is also a necessary aid for women's yoga and rehabilitation training for the elderly.
Children's Lower Limb Power Bicycle
Can be use for lower limb joint activity, muscle strength and coordination function train,It can exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve the control effect of the central nervous system on muscles, improve the physical fitness of the human body, consume fat, and long-term consumption of fat will lead to weight loss. Different resistance regulation methods can adapt to different rehabilitation needs and training standards. Children's lower limb function rate car is specially designed for children aged 32-6, with bright colors and easy to carry.Besides sports rehabilitation, it is also an ideal toy for children.
Silicone Peanut Ball Fitness Yoga Ball
Yoga Peanut Ball is used for balance sensation and reflex regulation of cerebral palsy patients, relieving muscle spasm, enriching vestibular sensation of sensory integration disorder groups, strengthening muscle stretching ability, promoting the development of proprioception and balance sense, and greatly improving children with over-sensitive or dull tactile response.
Multi-founctional Waist Twister for Children Fitness
Children's Waist Twister is a rehabilitation product designed for children aged 3-10. Holding the armrest and twisting the waist by rotating left and right can play a very good role in rehabilitation and fitness. It can enhance the strength of abdominal muscles, improve the flexibility and flexibility of lumbar spine and hip joint, and is conducive to body building.
Inflatable Horn Jumping Hopper Ball
Jumping ball named after the long two handles, is a PVC made of the latest entertainment, fitness as one of the sports equipment. It is a modeling ball suitable for children's play and women's fitness exercise, and also a necessary equipment for balance feeling training and reflex regulation training of cerebral palsy patients. Popular in the United States and Europe,Domestic gyms and kindergartens, hospitals, rehabilitation homes, nursing homes, gyms are quite popular. Jumping ball has the functions of sitting, riding, jumping, patting, etc. It is safe and reliable to use, and helps to exercise children's leg strength and master coordination and balance ability.
Sensory Integration Balance Training Jump and Bouncy Ball
Jumping ball is a kind of toy suitable for children and adults to play, mostly made of rubber. Stand on the pedal with both feet, with the movement of both feet, the rubber ball will drive the body to jump up and down, to achieve the effect of weight loss, fitness and rehabilitation of ADHD. Can be a good training of children's coordination ability and reaction ability and balance ability!
Sensory Integration Balance Training Jump and Bouncy Ball With Rope
Fun Kids Hopper Sports Custom Color PVC Fitness Exercise Board Balance Jumping Pogo Ball Inflatable Lolo Bouncy Ball Race your friends on these new colourful Lolo Balls. Great for improving balance and fitness. Reinforced plastic platform with an inflatable durable PVC ball.The welcome return of something many of us remember hopping about on during the 80s, when it was sold under several names including Pogo Ball.
Sensory Integration PVC Spiky Massage Ball
Grip ball, grip ball, also known as decompression ball, vent ball, is a popular fitness ball in Europe and the United States. It is made of durable high-elastic materials, mainly round and egg-shaped, flexible and suitable for all ages. It can exercise the strength of palm muscles and the flexibility of fingers. It is suitable for primary strength training and rehabilitation training.
Kids Sports Jumping Bag With Handle
The jumping bag can help children overcome the lack of body sense and tactile sensitivity or deficiency by jumping back and forth and left and right in the jumping bag. Promote the stretching and activation of children's whole body muscles, especially for children's waist, abdomen and limb strength. At the same time, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, enhance children's physique and improve children's immunity.
Rotating Turtle Shelf for Children
Sensory integration of tortoise back through the rotation of the game to stimulate children's inner potential. It can effectively improve the problem of sensory integration disorder. After turtle back training, it can effectively improve the baby's balance ability, coordination and proprioception.
Chilren's Crawling Tunnel
Sensory integration is the ability of the human body to effectively use its own senses in the environment to obtain different sensory information (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular and proprioception, etc.) from the outside world and input it into the brain, and the brain processes the input information and makes adaptive responses.Sensory integration deficiency or sensory integration disorder will affect the coordination of various functional areas of the brain, sensory organs and the body, and cause problems in learning and life.
Sensory Integration Balance Training Scooter Board
In skateboarding activities, the vision will send a large number of information to the central nervous system, the inherent sense will make the cerebellum more awake, directing changes in muscle tension. The movement between the cerebrum and the cerebellum can have a powerful and correct integration effect, so that the overall sensory integration operation of the human body has a positive development.
Children's balance Training 1/4 Round Half Circle bridge
Kindergarten sensory integration training quarter circle, also known as rock circle, is an important equipment for kindergarten sensory integration training. It is made of plastic material. Two arc-shaped rods are connected by a cross bar, which can form a 1/4 circle, a semicircle, and the whole circle has different playing methods and training functions.
Chilren's balance Stick
The S-shaped single-plank bridge has good bearing capacity, so that children with sensory integration disorders can exercise proprioception and strengthen body balance ability in play, Balance beam exercise can exercise balance ability very well. Promote the coordinated development of all parts of the child's body, strengthen the inherent balance, vestibular balance, touch, bilateral coordination of large and small muscles, and flexible body movement ability.Perfect left and right brain balance Develop, build proprioception and strengthen body balance.