Hand-related rehabilitation

Portable Upper and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device
The whole is light and portable, and is convenient to carry and use indoors and outdoors. 2: that resistance is adjustable so as to be suitable for people with different muscle strength. 3: The upper and lower limbs can be trained to improve the range of motion of the joints of the limbs and coordinate functional activities
Heavy Hammer Finger Training Device
The heavy hammer type finger muscle training table is used to help patients with finger flexor and extensor muscles or finger joint movement disorders to carry out finger flexor and extensor muscle resistance training and joint movement training. It has simple structure, convenient and safe use, and remarkable training effect.
Full Set of Dumbbell Upper Limb Muscle Trainer
Series dumbbells are used for muscle strength training and muscle compound movement training. Patients with low muscle strength caused by paralysis, pain and long-term inactivity can use the weight of dumbbells to carry out anti-resistance active exercise, train muscle strength and medical gymnastics training, and increase endurance.