Children's rehab

Cerebral Palsy Sitting Posture Correcting Chair
The chair for correcting the sitting posture of the child comprises a chair body and a table plate, wherein the table plate is detachably arranged on the chair body, a column body for correcting leg movements is arranged on the seat plate of the chair body, an elastic fixing strip for correcting foot movements is arranged on a foot plate of the seat body. The utility model has simple structure,Is simple and safe to use, is suitable for correcting the sitting posture of children, and is particularly suitable for children in rehabilitation centers and children with cerebral palsy aged from 2 to 6 years for seat maintenance, seat balance, posture correction, and deformity prevention and treatment.

Children's Lower Limb Power Bicycle
Can be use for lower limb joint activity, muscle strength and coordination function train,It can exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve the control effect of the central nervous system on muscles, improve the physical fitness of the human body, consume fat, and long-term consumption of fat will lead to weight loss. Different resistance regulation methods can adapt to different rehabilitation needs and training standards. Children's lower limb function rate car is specially designed for children aged 32-6, with bright colors and easy to carry.Besides sports rehabilitation, it is also an ideal toy for children.
Multi-founctional Waist Twister for Children Fitness
Children's Waist Twister is a rehabilitation product designed for children aged 3-10. Holding the armrest and twisting the waist by rotating left and right can play a very good role in rehabilitation and fitness. It can enhance the strength of abdominal muscles, improve the flexibility and flexibility of lumbar spine and hip joint, and is conducive to body building.