Combined rehab device

Physical Therapy Ribbed Shoulder Rehabilitation Equipment
With the help of rib bars, the range of motion and muscle strength training of upper and lower limb joints, sitting and standing training, balance training and trunk stretching training are carried out. Gradually increase the range of motion of the shoulder joint by moving the fingers up the ladder to relieve pain. Rib wood (including pendant)
Abdominal Crunch Muscle Trainer
It is equipped with a lower limb fixed blocking handle and an arc-shaped training device with an upward convex surface. The trunk part can lie on the arc platform for forward flexion and backward extension training, with the help of the arc surface for abdominal muscle strength training and stretching the joints of the whole body. It is suitable for patients who need to strengthen abdominal muscle strength training. It is also a good helper for sit-ups.
Quadriceps Shoulder Exercise Board
The quadriceps femoris is a particularly large muscle in front of the thigh, which not only has great strength, but also has many functions. Although the muscles here are not well-known, if the muscles here are trained, they can bring you a very good sports experience.