Daily Rehabilitation Aids

Walking Train Drawer Ladder
It can be disassembled and used. It can not only be used as an auxiliary seat with different heights, but also be used as a simple training ladder for walking training in daily life of patients.Scope and method of application: Refer to the inclined board for walking training.
Wooden Stools Chairs Set
During manipulative therapy, the seats with different heights needed by therapists and patients can also be used as working tables for upper limb exercises of patients. It can also train the balance and coordination ability of patients.
Small Things Fetcher ,Trash Picking Clipper
It is a kind of living appliance, which mainly solves the problem that it is difficult to take out the articles that fall under the bed, sofa and cabinet. It also provides convenience for the elderly who are inconvenient to move and difficult to bend down, and for the postoperative crowd to retrieve items without moving. Comprises a handle and a fetching clip. Can conveniently extend into remote corners such as the bed, the sofa, the cabinet and the like,Or the object is taken out or picked up from a remote corner by controlling the clamp, thereby providing convenience for people. At the same time, it can also be used as a tool for hand grasping and training muscle strength.