Upper Limb Rehab Robot

Hand Rehabilitation Robot
One of the world's lightweight wireless hand exoskeleton robots (380 G, the weight of a can of Coke),Combination of active and passive, two-handed mirror image and human-computer interaction training and other modes,Wireless, portable, portable, both hospital rehabilitation trainer, can also be a life aid assistant,Training data monitoring, progress at a glance,
Digital OT Training System
It providing a portable digital training system for occupational therapy, Provide an extensive library of interactive games,Game library and training features can be added through a firmware upgrade,Support and provide the traditionally used tools by occupational therapists such as blocks, sticks, chess pieces, etc. E: Portable and USB charging
Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
Full coverage of the rehabilitation period, intelligent power regulation, to meet the early to middle and late rehabilitation, force feedback technology, 0-5 muscle strength to meet the different needs of users, Intuitive interactive interface, shorter training preparation time, real-time status data display, and excellent human-computer interaction technology, The whole training process is digitized, and each training action is evaluated accurately and objectively until the training analysis report is generated,
Wrist Rehabilitation Robot
Multiple skills are integrated into one body, and multiple functional training modes are integrated, It is suitable for users with muscle strength of 0-5 levels, and realizes the combination of motor control training and cognitive training, Wrist rehabilitation robot improves the ability of daily life such as eating, twisting towels and pouring water through forearm pronation and supination, wrist flexion and extension, wrist ulnar-radial deviation and other motion control training, which complements the gross motor training of upper limb robot.
Ankle Joint Rehabilitation Robot
Ankle rehabilitation robot: According to the normal movement of the ankle joint, the ankle rehabilitation robot designs targeted rehabilitation training actions to exercise the muscles of the lower limbs and restore the control ability of the nervous system to the walking function, so as to achieve the purpose of restoring the walking function.