Balance Traning Robots

Upper and lower Limber Rehabilitation Robot
The lower limb rehabilitation robot adopts integrated ergonomic design, which can realize walking and balance function training and multi-mode evaluation. The gait mechanical leg can provide users with correct sensory input in the early stage of rehabilitation through rhythmic walking, inhibit the formation of abnormal gait, and enhance plantar feedback in actual landing walking.At the same time, it can evaluate the balance and symmetrical weight-bearing of both lower limbs before and after training, and provide quantitative evaluation reference for the effect of lower limb functional training. Multiple walking training modes allow users to train in the standing position at an early stage, promote correct sensory input, improve cardiopulmonary function and prevent muscle atrophy.
Hand and foot Rehab Training Robot
Intelligent upper and lower limb rehabilitation training system can apply two modes, one is rehabilitation mode, the other is training mode, so that patients can better train and rehabilitate.Selection of training difficulty scheme: The software is designed according to the needs of patients to solve different needs. Each training module can select the degree of difficulty, game type and other related settings.