Conventional Rehabilitation Devices

Aidoctor rehabilitation equipment covers hand rehabilitation, leg rehabilitation, daily training and intensive training in multiple aspects, such as:Hand OT table,Walking Training,Walking Training

Cervical and Lumbar Vertebra Traction Rehabilitation Trainer
The product integrates multiple functions, which can not only pull the cervical vertebra, but also massage the waist and feet, and can also rotate and twist the waist independently.So as to relieve the pressure of the lumbar intervertebral disc or osteophyte on the nerve root, massage the back and the sole of the foot to promote the blood circulation, relieve the protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc and promote the blood circulation of the foot.
Walking Train Drawer Ladder
It can be disassembled and used. It can not only be used as an auxiliary seat with different heights, but also be used as a simple training ladder for walking training in daily life of patients.Scope and method of application: Refer to the inclined board for walking training.
Adult Gait Training Equipment Medical Treadmill
Through the control of the sling, the bearing capacity of the lower limbs of the patient in walking is reduced according to the need, and the walking safety is ensured. It is used for patients with weakness, pain and spasm of lower limbs caused by bone, joint and nervous system diseases to help them carry out gait function training as early as possible.
Seated Chest Expansion Rehabilitation Trainer
It is suitable for patients with poor internal and external stretching of upper limbs to carry out rehabilitation training and restore and enhance muscle strength, Train the muscles: move inward to exercise the pectoralis major, and move outward to exercise the posterior deltoid, rhomboid and trapezius, Training effect: Strengthen the strength of the upper trunk muscles, enhance the stability of the trunk, and avoid the occurrence of shoulder muscle soreness and pathological changes.
Four-Dimensional Cervical and Lumbar TractionDevice
Lumbar and cervical vertebrae traction is controlled by a microcomputer, and the digital tube displays the traction force. There are 8 different traction modes (continuous, intermittent, stepped, etc.). 20 case parameters store the traction force. The automatic compensation function sets the value and monitors the actual traction value synchronously. Multiple safety designs
Wooden Stools Chairs Set
During manipulative therapy, the seats with different heights needed by therapists and patients can also be used as working tables for upper limb exercises of patients. It can also train the balance and coordination ability of patients.
Foldable Walking Trainer With Break
Increase the upper limb support area, improve the effect of assisted walking. It is an indoor and outdoor auxiliary walking aid for patients with nerve and bone joint system diseases. The foldable arrangement greatly facilitates the convenience of carrying and storage.
Bilateral Pneumatic Gait Training Equipment
Through the sling control, the weight of the patient's body in training can be reduced according to the need to ensure safety. It is used for patients with lower limb weakness, pain and spasm caused by bone, joint and nervous system diseases to help them carry out gait function training as early as possible. It can also be used for the weakness of lower limbs caused by bone and joint, nervous system and diseases.Patients with spasticity are helped to carry out gait function training early. It is suitable for trainers of different heights.
Seated Hip Rehabilitation Trainer
It is suitable for patients to carry out leg activity training and improve the range of motion of each joint of the leg. Adjust the resistance pit training to enhance the strength of leg movement, Train the muscles: train the adductor muscles of the thigh inward, and train the gluteus medius and tensor fasciae latae outward,Training effect: Strengthen the muscle strength of the adductor muscles of the thigh, strengthen the constrictor muscles of the thigh and hip, strengthen the contraction of the urethra and bladder muscles, tighten the inner thigh muscles, and avoid relaxation and stretch marks.
Portable Upper and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device
The whole is light and portable, and is convenient to carry and use indoors and outdoors. 2: that resistance is adjustable so as to be suitable for people with different muscle strength. 3: The upper and lower limbs can be trained to improve the range of motion of the joints of the limbs and coordinate functional activities
Rollator With Seat
The walking aid with the seat can be used for sitting on a toilet chair and can also be used as a walking aid, and can be used in a room by means of a self-propelled walking aid, so that the walking aid is flexible, simple, safe, reliable and multifunctional. The handrails on both sides can be lifted to move freely and conveniently. The seat surface with soft seat is very comfortable.