Wheelchair products

With the right wheelchair and corresponding accessories, you can maximize your mobility and comfort. Aidoctor Medical Equipment has just the products you need.

Intelligent Power Wheelchair
Intelligent aluminum alloy cross-country folding wheelchair Foldable, up to 8 ~ 9 km/H, 20 km endurance, Off-road tyres for better shock absorption and bump reduction, Steady heavy solid large front and rear wheels to prevent slipping and rollover,
Aluminum Ultra Light Wheelchair
Fashionable, young, elegant sports wheelchair, adjustable backrest, handle-type handle, one-button easy-to-disassemble wheel, the overall design is very smart, beautiful, is the choice of the younger generation and female demanders.
Hospital Shift
The high-flexibility universal wheel increases the lightness of displacement and reduces the load pressure of displacement, The height and the width can be adjusted to meet the requirements of patients with different ages and body types, Product description,