Rollator With Seat
The walking aid with the seat can be used for sitting on a toilet chair and can also be used as a walking aid, and can be used in a room by means of a self-propelled walking aid, so that the walking aid is flexible, simple, safe, reliable and multifunctional. The handrails on both sides can be lifted to move freely and conveniently. The seat surface with soft seat is very comfortable.
Adjustable Four- Corner Cane
Four-legged crutches can bring many benefits to users'outdoor activities, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on legs. The use of four-legged crutches while walking can reduce the force exerted on muscles and joints such as legs and knees by at least 22%, making legs feel more comfortable with stainless steel or aluminum alloy four-legged crutches. The height can be adjusted,Suitable for most people of different heights.
Adjustable Elbow Crutch
The elbow stick has a forearm sleeve that can hold the forearm, with hand support as the main support and forearm support as the supplement, similar to the function of the armpit stick. Stable and light.