Lower limb rehab equipment

Sitting Multifunction Lower Limb Power Vehicle
Product features of lower limb power car is a lot like: Microcomputer control technology and digital screen display are adopted, Can be operate by a remote controller, and provide convenience for users,The DC motor is used to improve the safety in use,The foot support can be adjusted according to the height of the user,
Horizontal Lower Limb Power Car
It is used for lower limb joint activity, muscle strength and coordination training, can exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve the control effect of the central nervous system on muscles, and improve the physical fitness of the human body. Of course, it is accompanied by the consumption of fat, and the long-term consumption of fat will have the effect of weight loss.Different resistance regulation methods can adapt to different rehabilitation needs and training standards. Sitting training can reduce the difficulty and intensity of exercise, and promote the endurance and efficiency of exercise
Ergometer Exercise Lower Extremity Bicycle
The riding type lower limb power bicycle comprises an I-shaped underframe, a riding seat rod frame and an armrest rod frame are fixedly arranged on the underframe, a cushion is arranged at the top end of the riding seat rod frame, and a magnetic control damping pedaling device is arranged on the underframe at the lower end of the riding seat pole frame and comprises a shell, a pedal with a binding belt, a flywheel, a magnetic wheel, a wheel seat and a tensioning mechanism,An armrest, a display instrument and a damping regulator are arranged on the armrest rod frame.
Magnetic Elliptical Training Bike
The elliptical machine can organically combine the movement of arms and legs. Regular use can coordinate the limbs and build the body. Longer practice helps to improve. Physical endurance, exercise of cardiopulmonary function, but also peace of mind and improve athletic ability. Elliptical machines are suitable for a wide range of people. For healthy people, elliptical function Enhance physical fitness and improve physical fitness, When people with poor knee and ankle joints walk or run, the impact of their feet on the ground often causes pain in their joints, while the impact of their feet on the ground often causes pain in their joints. Exercising with an elliptical machine is a safer and more comfortable option.
Body Building Spinning Bike
Spinning exercise not only benefits the hip, knee and ankle joints and 26 muscles of the lower limbs, but also the muscles of the neck, back, arm, abdomen, waist, groin and buttocks. Joints and ligaments are also exercised accordingly. Adopts the method of artificial mechanics engineering, is suitable for the requirements of the human body, does not bother the waist, and can achieve the maximum effect of fitness.There are two fixed shoe covers on each pedal to prevent the exerciser from throwing his feet out when exercising, adhering to the concept of safety design. At the same time, the adjustable rod has the function of stretching, which is suitable for all kinds of people with different heights.
Two In One Function Horse Riding Exercise Trainer
The horse-riding trainer uses the principle of human inertia dynamics and the integrated design of active motion to drive the horse-riding machine to rotate by pedaling with both feet. Through the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, it is converted into the front and back 8-shaped three-dimensional swing motion of the rider on the horse, simulating the real horse-riding experience, swinging the waist and hips, and burning fat quickly.
Fitness Binding Sandbag
Sandbags can improve the strength of the legs, which can make it easier to jump higher and start running when exercising. If you want to get a more obvious effect, you should start wearing them every day, and you don't need to remove them when doing such exercises as jogging, but you should remove them before doing more vigorous exercises and then wear them after exercising.In addition, sandbags should not be tied for too long. The weight of sandbags should be able to bear by oneself, and the method should be appropriate and moderate to avoid unnecessary negative effects.
Fitness Carry Sandbag
Sandbag fitness does not require a large training ground, like rope skipping, sandbag exercise can be carried out anywhere. You can use it as a barbell for weight training, you can use it for weight training, and of course you can hit it. The exercise of hitting sandbags trains and develops the muscles of the whole body, which can enhance the strength and explosive power of the body and shape a strong and handsome body.