Disposable ECG Series

Medical Disposable Electrode
1: Can be worn in the shoes to use, second ah with high-quality splints, wool bandages and silicone products, can effectively reduce pain in real time, reduce foot thumb deviation and joint degeneration, 2: Silicone style, TPE style, cotton style,
Medical Disposable Nerve Probe
1: The outer layer is polymer foam, fully enclosed, inside the metal plate, 2, has that characteristic of small volume, water resistance, convenient use and the like, 3, that optimal fix effect can be achieved only by arbitrarily shape by hands, 4: Easy to carry and store.
Body Surface Electrode for Nerve and Muscle Stimulator
The medical needle electrode is mainly used by licensed physicians for clinical diagnosis, examination, treatment and surgery of patients. Part of the bioelectrical signals (EEG, ECG, myoelectric current) should be collected and transmitted to the nerve monitor, EEG, ECG, Electromyography (ECG) and electromyography (EMG) were used for treatment, analysis and diagnosis. The low frequency emitted by the low frequency therapeutic apparatus can also The pulse wave is sent under the skin of the patient to stimulate the peripheral nerve, stimulate and pace the potential of the patient to paralyze the peripheral nerve, so as to determine the nerve.
EMG Lead Wire
Medical disposable electrophysiological nerve probe is a kind of nerve probe with different shapes used by surgeons in different parts of the human body during the operation. By stimulating and detecting the original functional status of the nerve at the surgical site or helping the surgeon to analyze and determine whether the nerve function during and after the operation Normal. In the process of stimulation detection, according to the detection range of the operation and the requirements of the human body for the shape of the probe, it is generally selected in the following situations.
Disposable Nonwoven Medical Face Mask
The surface electrode for nerve and muscle stimulator is made of conductive film made of advanced nano silver/silver chloride material and conductive gel. Electrode. When in use, a layer of irreversible high-tech Ag/AgCI and film electrolyte is used between the electrode plate and the skin to transmit the electrocardiosignal. Yes At present, it is the most ideal, advanced, accurate and convenient body surface electrode used to test and record ECG and EMG evoked potential in clinic.