Medical Disposable Electrode
1: Can be worn in the shoes to use, second ah with high-quality splints, wool bandages and silicone products, can effectively reduce pain in real time, reduce foot thumb deviation and joint degeneration, 2: Silicone style, TPE style, cotton style,
Children's Trampoline with Armrest
Trampoline, a whole-body exercise, is an important form of sensory integration rehabilitation for children. In addition to exercising the muscles of the legs, it can also strengthen all the muscle tissues of the body, especially the muscles of the back and abdomen.
Ankle Flexion and Extension Trainer
To train ankle flexion and extension, the hand bar can be used to strengthen the training movement and help the human body to stabilize, while correcting foot varus. Ankle exercise is mainly for ankle back extension, flexion and other exercises. It can be done by stepping on ankle training shoes to improve ankle flexibility and alleviate ankle pain and other symptoms.
Mini Home-use Aerobic Stepper
The hydraulic stepper comprises an upright post, a handrail tube, a flange plate, a pedal plate, a cushion block, a universal connecting rod, an oil pressure cylinder, a tube end cap, a traction plate, an oil pressure cylinder connecting shaft, through holes, carbon fiber heating sheets, bolts, bearings, and the like. Has reasonable structure and novel design, and can generate far infrared rays through the carbon fiber heating piece, thereby promoting the blood circulation of the feet of a user.
Easy Standing and Exercise Chair
The multifunctional easy-standing chair is used for assisting standing and standing exercise training of patients with standing dysfunction, and comprises a frame with a vertical part and a horizontal part, wherein the lower end of the vertical part is vertically connected with the front end of the horizontal part, the upper end of the vertical part of the frame is provided with an armrest and a chest support, and the middle part of the vertical portion is provided with a knee support.
Adjustable Elbow Joint Traction Physiotherapy Treatment Chair
The elbow joint traction training chair is characterized by comprising an underframe and a main support, wherein a lifting seat is arranged on the underframe, the main support is provided with a backrest, two sides in front of the backrest are provided with elbow joint traction devices, each elbow joint traction device consists of an arm cushion component and a rotating arm component.
Red Line Infrared Therapy Jade Rollar Massage Bed
This product can eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, improve local blood circulation. It is used for patients with joint and muscle strain, chronic pain and muscle spasm. Adapt to the crowd can be widely used for the adjuvant treatment, rehabilitation and health care of common diseases of the elderly, such as rheumatalgia, hypertension, diabetes, muscle and joint pain, chronic gastritis, lumbago, cerebral thrombosis sequelae, lumbar disc herniation, habitual constipation, prostatitis, intractable insomnia, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease and the like.
Cervical and Lumbar Vertebra Traction Rehabilitation Trainer
The product integrates multiple functions, which can not only pull the cervical vertebra, but also massage the waist and feet, and can also rotate and twist the waist independently.So as to relieve the pressure of the lumbar intervertebral disc or osteophyte on the nerve root, massage the back and the sole of the foot to promote the blood circulation, relieve the protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc and promote the blood circulation of the foot.
Walking Train Drawer Ladder
It can be disassembled and used. It can not only be used as an auxiliary seat with different heights, but also be used as a simple training ladder for walking training in daily life of patients.Scope and method of application: Refer to the inclined board for walking training.
Adult Gait Training Equipment Medical Treadmill
Through the control of the sling, the bearing capacity of the lower limbs of the patient in walking is reduced according to the need, and the walking safety is ensured. It is used for patients with weakness, pain and spasm of lower limbs caused by bone, joint and nervous system diseases to help them carry out gait function training as early as possible.
Seated Chest Expansion Rehabilitation Trainer
It is suitable for patients with poor internal and external stretching of upper limbs to carry out rehabilitation training and restore and enhance muscle strength, Train the muscles: move inward to exercise the pectoralis major, and move outward to exercise the posterior deltoid, rhomboid and trapezius, Training effect: Strengthen the strength of the upper trunk muscles, enhance the stability of the trunk, and avoid the occurrence of shoulder muscle soreness and pathological changes.